Excellente Année 2023.

Sortie du 18 Juin 2021 :

Première Sortie moto de l'année 2021,
"Le Barbecue : On y Croit !"

La vidéo de notre sortie du 03 juillet 2020 en ligne sur :

Nous etions au lac de Constance :

The guardians of retaliation: Association law 1901 whose headquarters is located in Strasbourg.

We are riders and officials, from different Administrations.

Do you want to join us?

Please fill out the contact form.

The law one is that of retaliation. We are the guardians.

Any Justice universal is born out of the law.

The guardians of retaliation are here to preserve.

Join us it is accept it!

Motorcycle output:
The 18.06.19

The News:

-The Photos and video of the output of the 03.05.09 online!

-Recycling Tour 10 & 11 September 2019
Lake Constance.

The annual membership fee is 30 Euros / member and 15 Euros for the spouse / child.